Australian outbound process


It’s purely cold calling to get to know about their interest towards investments property, where we get to know the customers details and their life style for promoting a sale by fixing an appointment without concerned client for selling an investment property.


Chat Support


Chat support is completely an interaction with customers and clients and it’s a 24/7 chatting, where we are responsible for answering queries and assisting customers through live chat. Through live chat we build a good conversation and loyalty with customers and clients..


Survey campaign with UK and Australia


v In survey we do a cold calling explain the customers about their life style analysis which is done for every five years; through which we collect details from them about their income, workforce and mortgage and finish our perfect survey


Debt Management


Debt management is an informal agreement between their creditors for paying all their debts. We freeze the interest and charges on their accounts and also help them to stop harassing calls from their creditors. We plan with one monthly affordable payment every month; for five years where the remaining amount get waved off.