Inbound Process


nbound call centers handle incoming calls, where as we handle a powerful inbound calls because they have a problem that you can help and solve to the customers or clients. Our center deals with majority of incoming calls. Inbound calls are about safeguarding the business you already have, while outbound calls are about growing your business. We focus mainly on customers support and satisfaction, where they need assistance with the product or service which we render and specialized in.



Outbound Process

In outbound process we deal with calls that motive to market the service of the company.

The purpose is customer acquisition, lead generation and market. We have employees who handle outgoing customer call for our clients. Our employees convince the clients or customers to take up the service.

International voice process is being handled by cold calling through VOIP, where the verification calls made to the clients by us. We also have a effective quality analysis’s who does the quality check for each and every calls.


Chat Support

We provide 24/7 interaction with the customers or clients when come to chat support, our agents are responsible for answering queries and assisting customers through like chat. We completely engage online and build loyalty by starting a conversation through chat. It is the fastest way to help our customers and get more business.

Our 24/7 line chat is like a store with no sales assistant. Start a conversation with our clients or customers and turn them into happy customers. Line chat winning customer support is like a crucial role in business, where customer service is the backbone of every business.

Lead Generation

Lead generation plays a major role in every business. Increase in lead generation increases the sales and revenue to the company. We are expert in lead generation with our leads you can find new customers faster and close the deal faster.

We have a separate team who works on lead generation and make appointments with the direct clients. Other way is to appoint the team according to their needs to take up the leads and make the business successful one.